Tre T Medical | SURTRON80
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About This Project

SURTRON 80 is an electronic radio frequency electro scalpel suitable for use in the procedures of minor and medium monopolar surgery.

Through the selection of the functions, SURTON 80 permits to make a linear cut (CUT), a curd cutting (BLEND), superficial coagulation (FORCED COAG), deep coagulation in absence of carbonisation (SOFT COAG), bipolar coagulation with the specific adaptor (BIPOLAR). The digital reading of the supplied power and the monitoring through a microcontroller system of the operational functions ensures the absolute reliability of the work conditions.

SURTRON 80 allows a high professional surgery thanks to ergonomic and safety solutions. The connection of the neutral electrode or, if used, bipartite electrodes and the connection neutral electrode/patient are ceaselessly monitored. The possibility to invert the functions and to control the power distribution through the electrode holder crank enables the doctor to carry out surgical procedures without diverting attention from the operating field


Max Power CUT 80 W-250 Ω

Max Power BLEND 60 W-200 Ω

Max Power FORCED COAG 50 W-150 Ω

Max Power SOFT COAG 40 W-100 Ω

Max Power BIPOLAR COAG 30 W-100 Ω

Working Frequency 600 KHz

Neutral Electrode F

Selectable power supply 115-230 Vac

Mains frequency 50-60 Hz

Max absorbed power 230 VA

Dimensions LxAxP 254x104x288 mm

Weight 5 Kg