Tre T Medical | STARLED NX
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About This Project

STARLED5 NX ensures an excellent light quality. Light is deprived of shadows, limpid and homogeneous guaranteeing visual comfort and optimal working conditions. The generated light is devoid of infrared radiations, the colour temperature is excellent, the lifespan is infinite and the energy consumptions are low. The 43 LEDs constituting STARLED5 NX are arranged in a round disposition and divided into 5 headlamp objects (with 7 LEDs each) and 8 LEDs arranged in a ray disposition around the crank. The lamp produces an elevate level of illumination amounting to 130.000 LUX (160.000 LUX optional) for a duration of up to 50.000 hours. The chromatic rendering index produced by STARLED5 NX amounts to 95 with a colour temperature amounting to 4.500 °K. STARLED5 NX is equipped with an I-SENSE® control panel that regulates all the functions. The panel is attached to the structure in order to make it comfortable and accessible by any user.

Easy to read and based on digital commands, it carries out the following functions: 

  • On/off
  • Light intensity regulation
  • SIZE- Regulation of the dimension of the light spot’s diameter for the focalisation of the beam.
  • ENDO – Light for endoscopy
  • DOF- Depth of field- The deep light for a complete visualisation of the operating field.
  • SYNC- (Optional) Mode to manage the commands synchronised with the connected lamp: double STARLED5 NX (twin configuration) and STARLED5 NX in combination with STARLED7 NX or STARLED3 NX. SYNC Mode ensures an ease of access, fast response times and the possibility to be managed by only one user.