Tre T Medical | STARLED3
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About This Project

STARLED3 NX is suitable for multiples applications. It is an ideal tool for diagnostics, dental sector, gynaecology, general medicine and even surgical necessities. The visual area results to be enlightened in an ultimate way guaranteeing perfect work conditions and visual comfort. The light produced by STARLED3 NX is provided with a colour temperature (CCT) amounting to 4.500 °K and a chromatic rendering (CRI) amounting to 95. STARLED3 NX reaches an intense luminosity up to 130.000 LUX with a low energy consumption (69W). STARLED3 NX is composed of three headlamp objects that generate a homogeneous and intense cone of light that is focusable through the automatic regulation of the light spot’s diameter. The design is practical, thin, compact and suitable for any use. The lamp is ergonomic, easy to move and localise and it is compatible with the laminar airflow in the operation room. The ENDO function (light for endoscopy) makes STARLED3 NX also suitable for mini-invasive surgery. The conformation and the material that is utilised to realise it make STARLED3 NX easy to clean. In addition, the crank, with an easy grip, is extractable and sterilisable in order to ensure optimal hygiene. The innovative I– SENSE® control panel regulates the functions of the lamp. It is realised in order to guarantee an easy reading, an ergonomic use and a simple cleaning. STARLED3 NX is available in the following versions: Wall STARLED3 NX, Ceiling STARLED3 NX and Stand STARLED3 NX (batteries included upon request).