Tre T Medical | SOLED
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About This Project

SOLED15 is a LED lamp used for diagnostic, minor surgery and multiple applications.

It is ideal for small accurate procedures, in intensive care unit, in recovery room, Emergency Room (ER), in aesthetic medicine and dental sector. SOLED15 completes the array of the STARLED lamps produced by ACEM Medical Company.

SOLED15 combines the advantages of the LED Technology with the flexibility of a lamp suitable for any use.

It guarantees:

  • Excellent light intensity
  • Light path without infrared radiation (IR)
  • Colour Temperature (CCT) amounting to 4.500 °K
  • Chromatic Rendering (CRI) amounting to 95
  • Long duration
  • Energy efficiency

The high technological level and the use of new generation LEDs enables SOLED15 to guarantee a linear rendering and the declines in performance result to be insignificant for the entire lifespan.

SOLED15 is capable of obtaining a light intensity amounting to 65.000 LUX (85.000 LUX through the activation of the “BOOST” function) with a low energy consumption. The disposition of LEDs ensures a visual comfort with a uniform light without shadows.

The round shape makes SOLED15 practical and functional in both use and movements. Its structure is manageable, unobtrusively and it adapts to dental ambulatories, medical analysis laboratories and diagnostic purposes. 

The crank, easy to hold, is extractable and sterilisable and allows the use of the lamp even in critic hygienic applications.

SOLED15 is available in the following versions:

Ceiling SOLED15

Wall SOLED15

Stand and wheeled SOLED15 (batteries included upon request).