Tre T Medical | PDT100
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About This Project

PDT-CLD100, the innovative system of photodynamic therapy, developed with the latest construction techniques, allows to supply high and constant amounts of energy for the overall duration of the session. Furthermore, it guarantees a homogeneous treatment, a reduction of the session time and, consequently, an increased comfort for the patient.

Through an interactive detector (radiometric probe), the intensity of radiation is measured in mW/cm2 and automatically transmitted to the incorporated LCD timer in order to verify the energy supplying. Consequently, it enables treatments with variable distances and spots and the desired amount of joules.

Il PDT-CLD100, through the LCD intuitive panel control, provides the double programming of the session in time or dose (J/cm2).

Working modes:

  • Automatic mode: users insert the desired Joules and the LCD Timer will automatically calculate the exposure time.
  • Manual mode: users insert the treatment time and the LCD Timer will indicate the administered Joule

  Pulsed mode

Terapia fotodinamica