Tre T Medical | CIRCLED
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About This Project

CIRCLED is a LED luminaire that is suitable for countless field of application and meets several needs.

It is ideal for any use that requires light and clearness of details, in the medical, dermatologic and cosmetic sectors. It represents the optimal solution for an accurate control of details.

CIRCLED is provided with a biconvex lens made of anti-scratch optical glass with a 120 mm diameter and with a 3 dioptres magnification (5 upon request). The 7 latest generation LEDs that encircle the lens produce light for the duration of around 50.000 hours. This system implies a considerable cost decrease in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. LEDs produce a white IR-free light that do not produce any heat and do not distort colours, allowing a versatility of use.

CIRCLED is simple to move ant to position and it has a sober and functional design. The support arm is solid and lightweight at the same time and gives stability to the lens once positioned avoiding its lowering. Load test pointed out that even after more than 20.000 movements no material wear and tear occur. Hence, the light head remains in the desired position over the years. 

CIRCLED is easy to use; on/off switch is placed in the rear part of the arm.

CIRCLED is available in the following versions: wall mounted, table mounted and trolley mounted.