Tre T Medical | BEVO24
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About This Project

Europa B Evo 24 is an autoclave developed through the collaboration between the Tecno-Gaz research office and other external development structures.

Europa B Evo is indispensable for all the medical and dental structures and all the sectors where a safe sterilisation of the materials is needed: empty, porous, solid, free and enveloped materials.

Security measures applied:

• Certified safety valve

• PED on sterilisation chambers

• Isolation of the chamber through certified ceramic materials

– The ultimate control board with a blue display exerts an exceptional aesthetic impact and great modernity.

– New charge connectors that are inserted flush with the front of the autoclave represent a real innovation.

– The connection with the B-Test biologic incubator makes Europa B Evo the only autoclave endowed with this type of modern control system.

The study about the users’ needs and their legal obligations drove the Development and Research office to create a biologic incubator directly managed by the autoclave working independently even when the autoclave is switched off.