Tre T Medical | Bf9 Set-D smoke evacuators
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Bf9 Set-D smoke evacuators

About This Project

Bf9 Set-D smoke evacuators effectively eliminate odours and smokes produced by the tissue vaporisation during the procedures of electrosurgery, radiosurgery and laser surgery.

Bf9 Set-D smoke evacuators enable the removal of inhalable viral particles that contain carbon residues, cells and microorganisms by removing unpleasant odours in the surrounding work area.

The systems- extremely silent, compact, movable and easy to use- adapt to the positioning even in narrow areas allowing an ideal integration of the tool in the specialist office.

BF9 Set D aspirators are characterised by an actual suction capability of 200 m3/h and a degree of separation that amounts to 99.95%.

Aspiratori Fumo