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It is the perfect choice for specialists who need an integrated Dermaview system at their fingertips.

Thanks to the potential of the portable PC and the specific trolley with the internal impact-resistant shaping exactly designed for this scope, Dermaview System can be moved anywhere and utilised in any surrounding.

Portable Dermaview in details:

  • Portable PC up to 750 GB of data storage, with possibility of file exportation on CD/DVD, SD, USB. In addition, it can be used with batteries with an autonomy amounting to 7 hours. The overall weight amounts to 3 Kg.
  • Designed Trolley


Dermatoscopic image acquisition up to 18 mpx through Heine Delta 20T optic and reflex camera and the patented TRE T Medical wireless technology.


Clinic image acquisition with photographic resolution amounting to 18 mpx thanks to the use of a reflex camera and an 18-55 photography lens, perfectly interconnected with the TRE T Medical wireless system.


Today Dermaview methodology aims at digitising the fundamental optical- analogue devices in a professional manner, while optimising the quality of the digital images and especially the speed of the session and data storage.


Dermawiew avails itself of the most advanced technologies applicable to a videodermatoscopy in epiluminescence test allowing the acquisition of images with a high informative content, thanks to the integration of HEINE DELTA 20T and an image quality amounting to 18 million pixel. Furthermore, the system is interconnected with a software engine through wireless technology.


Sharper images in full HD live and 18 mpx in image acquisition with immersion objective lenses and polarisation.

Zoom option from 16x up to 200x preserving the absolute sharpness of an 18 mpx image.

The only system with full HD live images with TRE T MEDICAL patent.

3D Mapping through drag-and-drop and automatic repeated snapshots.

Powerful multi-operating software with a Graco intuitive interface. (controllare Graco)

Wireless connection up to 300 mbps.


Dermaview Management Software gathers all the Dermaview configurations, even though they are structurally different.  Dermaview Management Software grew out of the ten-year TRE T Medical experience, assisted in the devopment of the system by software experts and dermatology specialists, giving particular attention to the importance that a software can assume in a videodermatoscopic test. Wi-fi Dermaview Management test is the only software that utilises wireless technology, patented by TRE T Medical, for the live view of the framed area and the following acquisition with extreme facility and velocity.